Update On NIRSAL: Application Process Still Ongoing, Apply Now For The Covid19 Loan Of N50 Billion


Some Nigerians may be thinking the Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) Covid19 Loan, would have close Registration by now but to surprise all, it hasn't close the registration for now and there is no particular date for the closing registration of the TCF Covid19 Loan.

People across the country have all benefited from this Federal Government development program which is aim to help the less privilege and boost our the economy value of the country.

Testimonies have been heard and shared across the nation, where if you are yet to be verified for the disbursement, you just need to wait patiently as it happens gradually. You will soon receive the NIRSAL message in anytime soon.

For people who are yet to register and are still wandering on how to go about it, here is the register below with the qualification process and term & condition for registration.

Waiting till tomorrow for the registration may be too late and we don't know when the government may stop the registration, so, now is the time.


For Covid19 Loan Registration

To meet all requirements for the N50 billion Targeted Credit Facility (TCF), all candidates ought to have: 

BVN, Business Name and Address, Phonenumber, Email

For SME Registration

Candidates should likewise have:

TIN (Tax Identification Number), BVN, Business Name and Address, Phonenumber, Email

Terms and Conditions: 

Insurance cover on the resource financed or resource benefited as moveable collateral, with the NMFB noted as the principal misfortune payee. 

Loans amount should coordinate with Loan Repayment plan and loans reason.

Domiciliation of account continues with NIRSAL Microfinance Bank. 

Customers should have an unquestionable providers who he/she must have a business relationship with for at least a half year (MSE) registration.

NIRSAL Website: Click Here To Apply

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