Man Steals Freshly Stored Meat From Cold Store In Bizzare Fashion, Angel News Confirms


Crime rate is on the surge in the country these days and the police force are adopting various measures to tackle this social canker once and for all

However there is a recent crime incident going viral which has surprised lots of people.Per the report from Angel news, a man has stolen freshly stored meat from a cold store in bizarre

The report also said that the unidentified man stormed the Cold store on that given day and packed huge amounts of freshly cut meat and made his way out of the building.He was later suspected of a fishy behaviour because he was finding it difficult to walk hence security guards got hold of him

The report further stated that he carefully wore the meat around his neck hence it became barely noticeable by people in the store at the time He has since been caught and handed over to the police for futher investigation to begin on the matter.

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us. Kindly drop your comments below

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