Ask for God's Protection As You sleep Tonight, By saying This Powerful Prayers (3-3-2021)


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The scripture can not lie as the Lord has assured us his protection each day and night. It doesn't matter what the enemies is saying, just pray and trust in the Lord and he will protect you.

Prayer for God's protection.

Heavenly Father thank you for this moment because without you I would have been dead according to the plans of my enemies. But he who keep Israelite neither sleep nor slumber.

I hand over tonight into able and unshakable hand, I ask that you should come and protect me and my household from the arrows of darkness, in Jesus name. We know who is with you is with majority, let all the plans of the wicked one's in our lives backfire to them in Jesus name.

I sprinkle your blood in our dwelling place and around the corner of our house, let your blood destroy every blood sucking demons that shall rise to torment our sleep, in Jesus name. Let blood speak for us wherever our name shall be mentioned for evil in Jesus name.

Today I pray we shall dwell in peace and also wake up in peace without any mark of the enemies in our lives in Jesus name. thank you king of glory I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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