Sad As Kitui River Drowns 30 People Going For A Wedding.

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Sadness has ensued Kitui County following an incident that has seen a school bus which transporting people for a wedding drown in a rather unexpected way.

It has been reported that the bus belonged to Saint Joseph Seminary school in Mwingi County and those who were in the bus at the time of the tragedy were majorly members of the catholic church.

One of the main reason why this has happened is because of the heavy rainfall that is being experienced not only in Kitui but in other parts of the country as well. This has resulted in the flooding of rivers and in the event a bridge is covered with water, visibility of the road becomes minimal resulting to such deadly accidents.

It is therefore advisable that drivers using roads that are connected with bridges that have been flooded with water should be careful and should use other alternative roads if possible. The national and county government of Kitui County should also work together to ensure passable bridges are constructed to eliminate these road accidents.

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