The LGBT Community Have A Plan They Are Executing, So Ghanaians Be Vigilant-Rev. Dr. Appiah Kubi.


   For sometime now, there has been tensions in the country over the issues of legalizing LGBT in the country. And it has gotten many people talking about it.

       Many prominent politicians and religious leaders has expressed their disapproval for the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana.

       And Rev. Appiah Kubi has been one of the citizens who has publicly made his stand on the issue of homosexuality. He has said on almost all the tv platforms he has been on that, the LGBT community have a plan and whatever is happening in the country is going according to their plan.

       He said that, the first stage is the outreach level, where they set-up their offices in our community. Then, the shocker level, where almost everyone is shocked with their presence in the country. The Following stage is the tolerance stage, where people just allow them to do whatever they want and so on.

       Dr. Kubi went on to say that, Ghanaians should be very vigilant and not allow themselves to be taken by surprise, because the LGBT community are happy and are waiting for us to accept them.

       He also said that, the LGBT activists or human rights activists should not destroy the dignity of the country to the western world because, in Ghana no one is killing anyone in the country.

       What do you think of the statement of Rev. Kubi? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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