COVID-19| New Cases Recorded Today Leave South Africans Left In Disbelief.

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South Africans are worried after seeing the new cases that are recorded daily.

Apparently things have changed and South Africa is about to face another Covid-19 wave.The fourth (4th) wave is expect to hit the country hard during December.South Africans are concerned that the country has recently began to record more Covid-19 new cases.Not long ago, the country was recording leaa than 500 news cases a day and now more than 4 000 case are recorded.From what the country recorded yesterday, the new cases have gone high in a very troubling way.

The country recorded 2 273 news cases yesterday and 25 people confirmed to have succumed from the Covid-19.

People were left shocked to realize that actually the new cases recorded today nearly doubled from yesterday's records.Apparently the country recorded 4 373 new cases today and 21 people lost their lives due to the Covid-19 complications.South Africans are not pleased with what is about to happen in the country regarding the Covid-19.Eventually people are worried about the fourth (4th) wave expected and the new Omicron variant that is found in the country.People are concerned about the new variant and if either the vaccine works or not.It is very troubling that seemingly the Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.

It is very hearbreaking that the country was doing well with handling the Covid-19 outbreak and now things have chaned.More people are getting infected with the Covid-19 and now even children are are being admitted in hospitals due to the Covid-19.


South Africans need to vaccinate in time before the country ends up recording more than 10 000 new cases a day.It will be festive season soon and people will gather in huge numbers which will eventually cause more trouble to the country.There will be more people testing positive for Covid-19 after the festive season and that will contribute to the fourth (4th) wave expected.

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Source: National Department Of Health (South Africa)

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