Man Puts His 10, 12 And 14 Years Old Children Through Hard Labour After Divorcing His Wife

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Addam Issifu is a father of three boys, 14 years old Fayat, 12 years old Malik and 10 years old Hakim. After he and his wife separated, he has been using his children to work on his farm. The little children weed, cut wood for charcoal and also spray weeds with a sprayer in their father's farm.

According to the children, they always go to school after working on the farm. They wake up early in the morning, go to the farm before going to school at about 10 am. Although the school session begins at 7 am. Due to this the children perform badly in school and are always beaten for coming to school late.

The eldest who is 14 years is in Class 3 and the 12 years old is in Class 2. At such ages, they should have been in Junior High School. The palms of these little children have become very hard due to the hard labour they are undergoing.

The Children Showing Their Hard Palms

Adam Issifu in his defence said that he suffers from his leg and has to use crutches to walk so he needs someone to be helping him. He added that he has no money to hire labourers so he has to use his children to perform such hard labour.

The mother of the children came for them as a result of the harsh treatment their father is taking them through. But their father is still seeking custody of the children for them to help him work on his farm. The children also wish to be with their mother to avoid such hardships. 

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