Arsenal Fans Can Now Smile As The Club Takes A Step Of Strengthening The Team In Future


Football is quite an interesting game to watch. It is fascinating to see how fans own up to their teams through thick and thin. Mostly, Manchester United fans are the ones who are always happy as their team is known to be a winning team.

Arsenal on the other hand has not been having it easy for quite some time now. They are defeated in most games that they play. But, there might be some good news for them in the future. A Kenyan young boy was signed in the club's academy.

The boy who goes by the name Messo Leo, will be training to take up the position of a striker. He is ten years old. Kenya is a land full of energy and talent. Therefore, the club will be smiling in future because Leo Messo will be one good player.

It is about time that the club take measures that are going to push the team forward and ensure more wins.