Today's Powerful Word of God



You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favour her, yes, the set time, has come. (Psalm 102:13, NKJV)


Think about a set time. Maybe you are cooking something that takes an hour. You set the oven timer for sixty minutes. You are waiting and waiting. But when the alarm goes off, you don't keep waiting. The set time has come. You change your position and take the food out; it is done.

One translation of today's Scripture says, "The moment designated has come." These are moments that God has already designated to show out with favour in your life. I believe that God is saying to you, "The alarm is going off. The set time has come." Change your attitude from "I wonder when it is going to happen" to "Lord, thank You that my set time for favour has arrived." Start expecting God's goodness. Every morning when you wake up, just imagine the alarm is going off. God is saying, "It is the set time." Our attitude should be, "This is my day for favour, for increase, and for divine connections. It is favour time. It is healing time. It is acceleration time. It is blessing time."


Father, thank You that You have already designated moments of favour for me. Thank You that the set time has arrived, and You are arising even now to fight my battles and move obstacles out of my path. I believe that You are taking me to a new level of my destiny. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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