Kenyans React To Boni Khalwale's Tweet Concerning William Ruto.

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Boni Khalwale who is among the allies of deputy president William Ruto and UDA party today tweeted on his twitter page that All indications are that @WilliamsRuto will win the 2022 Presidential Election. Who would u advice to be his Deputy President?

Konstantin tweeted, "Somethings are left to flower girls like Itumbi . I know Oscar Sudi is threatening to kick you out of WhatsApp group but this is too low of you . This means there are some internal wrangles on who should Deputize Ruto."

Olekanda tweeted, "It is very unfortunate that even veteran politicians like Khalwale still don't believe that Ruto is the next opposition chief, very unfortunate.Ruto can not win this election even if he kills another Musando."

Mawe tweeted, "Which indications?Just to inform you surgoi kitchen & toilet cleaner! Ruto is doing nothing new!Hizi vitu anafanya sahizi raila ameishi kufanya untill he realized voters are important but those counting the votes are the most important!"

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