Ifedioku Stuns In A Ripped Trouser And Sleeveless Top (Photos)


Fashion is what we make out of it. What we wear actually defines our personality. This is why it is said that we are addressed the way we dress. The kind of fashion that we do solely depends on an individual choices, as fashion happens to come in different styles, designs and colours just like the one worn by a particular internet personality known as Ifedioku.When counting top 10 of the people who love to flaunt their beautiful outfits, Ifedioku is definitely among them. She usually loves to display a good number of outfits almost on a daily basis for people to see and admire.

Many hours ago, she took to her official Instagram page to share lovely photos where she stuns in a ripped trouser and a simple sleeveless top. These two combination of outfits are the kind that is mostly seen among women these days especially young girls like Ifedioku. Well, check her out below in the photos she shared.Both the sleeveless top and the ripped jeans trouser look good on Ifedioku. This is a casual kind of dressing which is done by so people. Ripped trouser is such that has torn partly or into separate pieces just like it's seen in the photos above. The trouser can be ripped on any part of the leg. Ifedioku's trouser is ripped on her knees giving it that good rugged trouser style.

Pictures credited to Instagram

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