A woman leaves Mzansi impressed after doing this with money she inherited from her divorce, see here

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A woman recently left everyone impressed after doing this with the money she got from her divorce. As most people are aware when a marriage ends, things are separated according. Hence some find themselves walking away with a lot of money, depending on the arrangements of the divorce. With that being said the woman in question mentioned she is currently debt free, thanks to the money she inherited from her divorce.

The woman who goes by the name of Katy mentioned that she is currently debt free. Katy managed to pay off her last debt. She went on to highlight that she is currently debt free. Even though she used up all the money, she is proud about her spending.

People who came across her post congratulated her on a new journey of being debt free. Even though a divorce is not something to celebrate, it definitely did work out for Katy. It is not everyone who uses money wisely especially when it comes to divorce inherent funds. See more of people's reactions down below;

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