Justice for Ghana Congratulates Parliament for Rejecting the 2022 Budget

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Justice For Ghana wishes to commend Parliament for standing for the Ghanaian people and dutifully rejecting the 2022 Budget and Economic Policy of H.E Nana Addo Danquah AKuffo Addo, which sought to further worsen the plight of the suffering masses, with the imposition of more taxes. Parliament and in particular the minority worked in the interest of Mother Ghana and all Ghanaians at large.

Your action has earned tons of respect from us and we salute you for sticking and staying cause with the generality of Ghanaians. Your exemplary display would be inked in gold for generations unborn. We salute your fortitude.

Your rejection of the 2022 Budget Statement is testament that the Ghanaian people can no longer endure the terrible state of the Ghanaian economy characterized by constant hikes in food prices, fuel prices, electricity prices, building materials and many other basic amenities, making life unbearable. 

One would have thought that, these would have compelled the government to outline policies that ameliorates our unsustainable debt levels, economic hardships, the high cost of living, fiscal indiscipline, economic growth in the productive sectors, unemployment, among others. This Budget and Economic Policy was going to offer nothing than to enrich the ruling class and make the ordinary Ghanaian poorer.

The introduction of the electronic tax is the stone that broke the camel’s back. This is the most regressive tax ever in our political economy and the claim that this tax was to address the development deficit in our nation is only to say that our leaders lack the expertise to overcome our crises 

JUSTICE FOR GHANA was shocked by the exclusion of any provision to tackle the havoc wreaked on the people of Keta by the catastrophic tidal waves two weeks ago which rendered over four thousand residents of the community homeless and many left stranded. The president of the republic has remained silent on the matter and one would have thought he was working behind the scenes to get the problem resolved. Politics is about the people in whose name we exercise powers given us and the people of Keta deserve better

The 2022 budget did not inspire any hope, and did not offer any solutions to our problems. Indeed, its implementation would have led to more horrendous hardship, high Unemployment, grave Debt-to-GDP declining investor and unmitigated cost of living

We call on both majority and minority in parliament to work together to alleviate the suffering of the people and also to put the country on the path of growth and prosperity to the benefit of all Ghanaians and hold the executive accountable.

As we say ayekoo to the minority for patriotism and empathy for the suffering Ghanaian. We pray that you will continue to stay vigilant to ensure that a sanitized Budget when presented serves the Ghanaian people and not only the privileged few We stay with you for the service of Ghana.

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