UDA Unveils Decision Making Forum, Requesting Leaders and Aspirants to Join by Paying This Amount


United Democratic Alliance party has been winning millions of hearts of Kenyans. As of now the UDA party is about four months old but is almost gaining national popularity. The party is led by former Machakos senator honorable Muthama Johnston. The party participated in just concluded by-election and it won the London ward seat.

As part of the preparation for the next general election, the party has been on the move in recruiting more Kenyans to lay a stronger foundation for the next general election

Today, the United Democratic Alliance party has made a major announcement concerning the leadership and aspirant. The party has come up with the forum. According to the party's circular, it has advised all concerned Kenyans to subscribe to the party to join the forum.

The main purpose of the forum is to engage all aspirants and leaders on all matters and participation in the party's activities to come up with the party's decisions. The party has directed all concerned persons to strictly register at the party's headquarter in Nairobi.

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