Put garlic inside your pocket and be protected from all evil spirits, accidents and bad lucks

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Put garlic in pocket to safeguard yourself and utilize profound purposes of garlic

• Garlic was (nevertheless is) accepted to safeguard against destruction and suffocating, driving mariners to take cloves at hand.

• All through Europe, garlic was generally positioned in the home to keep out all types of malevolence, and specifically it was balanced over the entryway to avert the hostile stare.

• Wearing garlic about the individual was accepted to safeguard against nasty weather conditions, beasts and foe assault.

• Gnawing into garlic could repulse malicious spirits, and it was as often as possible set underneath youngsters' pads to safeguard them in their rest.

• Ladies conveyed cloves of garlic in their pockets to bring them karma and keep sick fortune under control, and scouring garlic onto pots and container before use should eliminate mysterious antagonism which may somehow have debased the food.

• Garlic was likewise a critical fixing in customary spells intended to avoid illnesses like hepatitis.

Garlic was a strong medication in old times

Old legend holds that one could prevent undesirable admirers by putting a garlic bulb, stayed with two crossed pins, at a street intersection. Assuming the eventual Romeo was tricked across the bulb, their advantage would mystically dissipate.

The old Egyptians venerated garlic as a hallowed plant, and it decorated the burial chambers of the Pharaohs. Like the Europeans, they additionally accepted that wreaths of garlic shielded dozing kids from breath-sucking, dangerous spirits.

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