Defenseless System: Policemen Seen Brutalizing A Victim As They Arrest Him Into Their Patrol Car


A criminal was brutally beaten by policemen in an attempt to arrest him leaving people confused

Arresting a person does not guarantee you the right to beat up that individual. If that is the case then, it could be likened to the instant justice we always speak against as a nation.

If you have the warranty to arrest an individual, that does not make the individual guilty of the crime for which he or she is being arrested.

The Police must learn to respect the rights of their culprits. It is quite embarrassing how a group of police men were seen beating up their culprit so badly in a video trending online.

This got the onlookers so confused as most of them kept asking why the person was being beaten up.

The police have been entitled the previlege to put a criminal to order so they can convey them peacefully to the police station but this looks Soo extreme.

It was as if they were already holding something against the individual since the way they began to beat him up did not look good at all to those that were around.

You could hear most of the people around asking of what called for the beating. Most often, we are normally tempted to think arresting a person automatically means that the individual is a criminal which is a very bad perception.

This is the main reason why most people normally end up in prisons for the wrong reasons. A person who is being arrested could only be a suspect who may later be proven of not guilty of the crime for which they are being charged of.

Our police service persons need to accept this fact and accord the needed respect to their victims. Even though the cause for the arrest is not known but the extent to which the person was beaten is very bad. Let's learn to respect the rights of criminals.

Please click on the link below to watch the video