Curfew Extended By 60 Days Funerals To Be Conducted Within 96 Hours As Uhuru Say This On Vaccination


President uhuru has renewed country wide curfew by 60 days. Speaking in State House, the head of state said that curfew in covid 19 hotspots will remain from 7 pm to 4 am while the rest from 10pm to 4am."We aspire to vaccinate the entire adult population, that is 26 million people, by the end of 2022",President Uhuru Kenyatta asserted adding that the government want to vaccinate 10M people by December this year.

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Uhuru also claimed that burials should be done within 96 hours of death confirmation. This comes barely few moments after IMF told the government to named those involved in KEMSA scandal. The international body says that Kenya put most of it's funds to health care hence the covid billionaires in the Kemsa should be dealt with.

Uhuru also said that if under age vaccine are brought, the government expects to vaccinate about 4 million young people.