Look What The Border Police Found Inside A Truck Going To Zimbabwe

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Friend of ours was hijacked in Durban by 4 armed blacks on Tuesday morning. Stolen was his watch, bakkie, wallet and phone. The authorities put resources together and made efforts to recover the vehicle, much to their surprise the car was discovered bound for the Zimbabwean border and what is even more concerning is the fact that it was being transported inside a truck.

Canopy and radio etc. were all gone. We have no idea what is in most trucks that pass us on the roads, Lucky enough to vehicle had a tracking device that the police were able to use in order to find out its whereabouts without a tracking device the vehicle could have been easily lost.

Of course there are members of the public who also assume that these tracking devices are the ones that are bringing the problems in the first place, first you have to think about how these tracking devices are attached to the vehicles and they have all the information which is required so they suspects have access to the database where they can simply search their vehicles in their location where they easily hijack them.

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