Opinion: Naledi Chirwa speak out for justice

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On a public interview, Naledi Chirwa said. Black youth are suffering, woman are being rape those who speaks up because of the education you promised them, those who were murder there was no justice for them. Like how @NalediChirwa stands her ground. She triggers those with fragile egos and scared of Women speaking truth to power. #MfanaKeMfana https://t.co/Geckudpa26

 The kind of robust debating that is missing in our party. We are youth we are not afraid to say the truth because even the Bible says, you shall know the truth and the truth shall send you free,

Naledi chirwa also commented on Twitter,

You can lie to yourselves about my nationality until you turn green in the buttocks. It will not make your lies the truth & neither will it EVER silence me. I didn't buy my voice. I'm not renting it, either. Rest assured, I will always SPEAK & there's nothing you can do about it.

I like and boldness and smartness, these are the kind of people we want in our system, the truth is when we have such people in the government it will help to curb and check mate some inadequacy we see today in the government because if the leaders know that there are people you cannot silence and bribe, then they will lean to do the right thing, but if they know that there is nobody to confront, and they also know that they can go away with whatever they have done, then the own system we be a mess.

What a tragedy that those who are meant to stand up for the people have been silence with money, some have threatened with death.

Namane ya Tholo labaster Naledi Chirwa look at what he says, having different political views is not a problem but insulting the president is a problem, you're confusing being militant. Since when the ANC succession battles have become part of the EFF agenda, I wonder. This is no longer political opposition but hatred. https://t.co/PmJEJ2Vdoc

One of the Twitter users named Battalion's 54 says also says, This is brutal, there's no coming back. We love you Naledi our shining ba botse baloi ba ngwana wa kasi ya ka 

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