Diana Marua's Recent Post Elicits Mixed Reactions On Social Media

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Since Diana Marua became an artist to be specific a rapper. Every online media is yearning to have her in order to do an interview with her and get to understand her more.

The trend is a program that is able to identify talent and bring it to the like light. Also the trend is a biggest supporter of kenyan talent. Diana Marua is the new talent that is being given support by the trend program.

Diana Marua made her appearance to the show and made some great push to her two songs that is only one and hatutaachana. Diana Marua had an opportunity to perform the two songs and it is during this time that a lot was noticed.

Netizens had different actions to inform this new artist, several were agreeing that for sure she has talent. Others realized that she was not giving the mic it's use because she was not holding it around her mouth during the performance.

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