GRIDCo in conversation with ECG over 'dumsor' schedule from April to July


The Ghana Matrix Organization Restricted (GRIDCo) says it was having a conversation with the Power Organization of Ghana (ECG) for them to give a heap shedding plan following significant support works expected in the force area from April to July 2021.

The Corporate Interchanges Director of GRIDCo, Mr. Ebenezer Amankwah in a radio meeting with Radio Ghana observed by Realistic Online on Monday night [March 29, 2021] clarified that a few pieces of Ghana will before long experience discontinuous blackouts to empower designers and workers for hire to chip away at some substation plants the nation over. 

He said GRIDCo was as of now in conversation with the administration of the ECG for them to deliver a heap shedding schedule to empower individuals in influenced zones to design their lives appropriately inside the time of the support project. 

He further clarified that the support work on the substation plants has gotten basic to totally resolve the test of blockage. 

He said they should draw in with the dispersion organization, "concur on explicit plan and impart to the influenced regions, which implies that, only one out of every odd territory will be influenced except if the task is in a specific region... what's more, the length inside which it will occur." 

He added that they were "certain that after July this year, these key ventures will be finished" and there will be soundness in the framework. 

He said they [GRIDCo] has gotten a great deal of correspondence from the project workers and subsequently, they were trusting that before the current week's over, the gathering with the ECG on the heap shedding timetable would have been finished. 

Substation territories 

Prior, Mr. Amankwa in another radio meeting with 3FM on Monday discussed the territories the constructors are to chip away at. 

"There is the Pokuase substation that is being financed by MiDA that is taking a portion of the heap from Accra. 

"The heap is developing a direct result of the populace development and foundation development so you need a ton of substations that can take the heap so they don't block by the abuse of the stations effectively in the presence. 

"At the point when you go to Kumasi for example the issue of blockage is as yet predominant, there is the issue of Bui Dam as a cresting plant which has likewise gone down bringing about low force in Kumasi. So you hear a portion of individuals in Kumasi grumble that consistently the light goes off on the grounds that there is top interest and when pinnacle request is high and there is clog due to different substations it will undoubtedly cause blackouts," he clarified. 

He added "I can likewise feature a portion of the ventures we need to take care of these issues. In Kumasi, there is a Kumasi-Kintampo transmission line project which has been reserved to be finished in July. 

"… when you come to Accra the Pokuase substation should take a portion of the heaps that communicate to Accra to let loose space on a portion of the substations so clog will be facilitated. 

"There is a Kasoa Mass stockpile plant that is being built likewise by MiDA which is additionally going to fill similar needs 

"As I talk with you we have had a few solicitations from a portion of the workers for hire that are chipping away at the ventures who are requesting a few blackouts to empower them to assist activity on their work by July from the nation to have their alleviation and for clients to be agreeable. 

A portion of the blackouts are same-day blackouts in Spring, some of them are around four days between April and May, and some of them are requesting even fourteen days or three weeks of blackouts. 

"So we as the transmitter will presently need to work with ECG concerning how we can limit the effect on clients, how we can adjust load dissemination so that individuals are not really excessively influenced. We are examining that with ECG as of now so that any place there is the need to advise the influenced regions regarding potential blackouts we will do that with ECG starting to lead the pack, giving us the zones and all likewise the hours or the term so that individuals are agreeable 

"We are taking a gander at this week to connect every one of the partners and get to an apparent concurrence on the spaces to be influenced when they will be influenced and the length."