Milly Wa Jesus Introduces Her Beautiful Mother For The First Time, Kenyans React

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Milly and Kabi [Photo|Courtesy]

Kenyan YouTube couple Kabi Wa Jesus and Milly Wa Jesus has finally revealed the face of Milly's mother.

The two shares their happy and sad family moments with their YouTube followers who love to hear their stories.

Their love life and family life are not all hidden because they post and talk about what's happening around them.

Months ago Kabi got accused of abondoning his daughter who he sired years ago. Even though they denied the claims a case was filed in court relating to the matter.

Milly and Kabi [Photo|Courtesy]

Being a celebrity couple ain't easy and many people always love when they follow celebrity lives from scandals to family issues.

Amid their YouTube posts and social media posts they have never revealed the identity of Milly's mother who is also Kabi's mother in law.

Milly took to her social media account to send her mother a beautiful birthday message.

"It's my mum's birthday,I thank God for blessing me with the best. She has a heart of gold. May God satisfy you my lovely mum,with long life,good, health and joy," she wrote.

Her followers not only joined her in wishing her mother a happy birthday many loved how young and beautiful she looked especially in that hairstyle.

Happy birthday to her.

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