In the Johannesburg robbery, ten people were killed and three were arrested.

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The officers and the five convicts who were apprehended inside one of Johannesburg's major shopping malls were fighting for their lives. The five robbers stormed the mall, armed with firearms, in order to shut it down and steal $3 million worth of expensive jewelry from one of the mall's shops. When the cops arrived at the mall, the robbers opened fire with their firearms on them. With no hesitation, the police department replied by opening fire.

At a shopping center, cops killed five suspects and four bystanders. It's unclear who fired the rounds at them because both cops and criminals were firing at them other. The perpetrators are also suspected of killing one police officer.

Three criminals were apprehended with the help of backup metro police officers on the scene. The sight of such a beast still takes people's breath away. People who were present have talked a lot. Some companies have been forced to close in order to aid police investigations and gather all necessary information at the crime scene.

Eight armed men burst inside the shop, according to the shop's owner, who asked to remain anonymous for his own safety. No one was allowed to move for fear of the flames devouring his body.

"We were fortunate in that our organization is transparent." We were told not to move after some unknown individuals, numbering eight, burst into the business; by the grace of God, one of the security officers observed what was going on inside. To tell the authorities, the security guard dialed 911. The fire was already in the air and aimed squarely at the cops when they arrived. Our company is located directly across from the robot, in a stand-alone corner. We believe they chose us over any other company because they believed no one would notice what they were doing because a jewelry store isn't a busy shop in the traditional sense.

The mall's administration stated that they are investigating the situation since they have learned that some of the reckless individuals may simply choose to come to the mall and kill innocent people.

"We're investigating this with the help of the police."

The murderers will face charges."

According to Themba Ndlozi, a police spokesperson,

According to the information we gathered, a robbery of products at the Mall resulted in the deaths of nine people. "Because one of our own perished, I'm talking about police officers and bystanders who died for no apparent reason, the cops are on the case to ensure that those responsible for their crimes are held accountable."

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