Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? 2 Bible Facts about Christmas Every Christian Should Know

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Is Christmas meant for Christians? Billions of people around the world believe that the celebration of Jesus' birth is the Christmas tradition. But have you ever considered whether the first-century Christians who were Jesus followers celebrated Christmas? Why wasn't it stated in the Bible if it was meant to be celebrated?

In this article we are going to find out whether Christmas is meant for Christians or not. The content in this article is based on bible studies and researches, kindly leave your opinion or suggestion and like this post below. Share and follow up for more updates. Now let's get to the talking point of today's article.

First of all, the birthday of Jesus is not found anywhere in the Bible. Only two people celebrated their birthday in the Bible, but they weren't servants of God. These two people are Pharaoh and Herode. Not even one servant of God was mentioned to celebrate his or her birthday in the Bible.

Secondly, the Bible didn't mention the exact date of the birth of Jesus. If his birth was meant to be celebrated, his disciples would have make a date and Bible would have mentioned it. Furthermore, it wasn't mentioned in the Bible that Jesus disciples celebrated his birth.

There is only one celebration Jesus himself ordered his followers to celebrate. It is the commemoration of his death. That is the only celebration Bible approved and not Christmas. According to research, Christmas is a pagan festival meant to celebrate the birth of the Roman Sun god in the first century.

Early christians did not follow this pagan customs. So in conclusion, we have seen that the Bible didn't mentions the celebration of Jesus' birth. Furthermore, Christmas as a tradition, is a pagan festival not meant for Christians. Many people have come to realize the truth about the celebration of Jesus' birth.

Should Christians celebrate an occasion not approved by their master? Let me see your comments on this below, share and like this post. Follow my page up for more updates.

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