Date Rush Fatima's Facebook Live Causes Stir and These Reactions from Fans


Date Rush is a television programme that is grabbing the interest of many of the youths since it is centred on Love and Relationship. Many of the youths are rushing to the programme to get the love of their lives. This program is today`s version of “Heart to Heart” which was filmed some years back, and some people got the opportunity to get married.

Fatima talked about several issues concerning relationship, but she talked mostly relating to her family background. She talked about some bitter experiences and it seems she has prejudiced against certain calibre of men.

Some of her fans think that she has a biter experience with her father and has therefore branded men to behave as such.

Most of her fans expressed their affection for her, but concluded that they cant be on date rush to make their proposal known. Others also think she is using the platform to advertise herself. They probably think she is using the opportunity to popularize herself.

Indeed, some fans confessed that they are attracted to the show because of her.

What do you make of the situation as you see the response from fans?


Your Humble Servant, “Wysopera”.