4 Tribes in Nigeria that Proudly eat dog meat

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In Nigeria, people do have different kind of food they eat that's special to them depending on their culture. From observation and if you haven't been to places where they eat dog meat, you will discover they have one thing in common:, S:x.While these tribes find eating dog meat so pleasurable, other tribes see it as disgusting and forbidden habit and should not be eaten. Here are the four tribes in Nigeria that eat dog meat.

1- CALABAR: Calabar is the state Capital of Cross River State, Southern Region in Nigeria. People from this region are very well known as Dog meat eaters. Due to their high profile in sexuality attitude, many believe that the dog meat they eat is the real reason for this.

2- AKWA IBOM: Akwa Ibom is a State from the Southeast part of Nigeria and it's Capital is Uyo.In Akwa Ibom, dog meat is a special meal people love so much, local people eat it together with Palm wine, some with delicious soup and Poundi.

3- ONDO: Ondo State is one of the oldest state in the Southwest Nigeria, and the Capital is Akure. Ondo is a City on it's own Just like "Oyo" in Oyo State. The people in this region love eating dog meat alot, they have a special name given to dog aside the general name Yoruba call dog, and the name is (Lòkílí). Dog itself is said to be more expensive than Goat and Ram.

4- ZURU: Zuru is a town in Kebbi State Northwest Nigeria. The people in this town are more dangerous in terms of eating dog meat. Hausa people will always refer to them as "Komi Nama" which means "everything is meat", as they eat Pig meat as well. You can find dog meat in a roadside Bar or Restaurant. If you have been to this town and eaten at any roadside Restaurant, then there is possibility you have eaten dog meat.

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