Crazy Food Facts We Didn’t Have A Clue About


Apples are roses’ relatives

You may not believe it, but many fruits are the close relatives of roses: they belong to Rosaceae family. Fruits like apples, pears, plums, raspberries (and even almonds) are all related to roses.

Boiled potato is healthier when served cold

The potato is rather unhealthy food because of its high glycemic index (GI), the speed of carbohydrate absorption and the fact that it raises blood sugar levels. It turns out that it’s easy to reduce the influence of a potato’s glycemic index by eating them while they're cold. Starch will be absorbed slower and the potato’s GI will be lower than in hot mashed potatoes.

A cob of corn always has an even number of grains

The corn on the cob has an even number of rows (anywhere from 8 to 12) and grains (up to 1,000). Almost a 1/4 of products and items contain corn, from animal feed to fireworks.

Mushrooms and insects both have chitin

Mushrooms contain a certain biopolymer, chitin, the same material that makes insects’ wings so rigid and that’s why it’s not recommended to boil them for too long: it doesn’t matter whether you boil them for 3 minutes or 3 hours because their shape and taste won’t change. Scientists have found the biggest mushroom in the world in Oregon, the honey mushroom that covers an area as big as 1,665 football fields.

Artificial vanilla and beavers

The true fact is that beavers smell like vanilla. Beavers’ gland secretions have a vanilla odor and are used in perfume manufacturing and as a food additive (in non-alcoholic drinks and desserts). With the help of this smell, animals mark their territory and it's collected by people on special farms.

Manufacturers irradiate fruit and vegetables

Food irradiation is the process of exposing food to ionizing radiation for the purpose of killing pathogenic microorganisms and insect larvae. Gamma rays, x-rays, or electron beams are used for irradiation. The processes are considered to be safe and are used in 41 countries to irradiate vegetables, meat, fish, wheat, and spices.

Tequila can be used to make diamonds

Tequila can be used to make tiny diamonds that can be used for electronic purposes. Tequila is made from agave, plants that are pollinated by bats as they flower at nighttime.


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