Netizens React As Kiengei Prays For The Heart Surgery Patient (Photos)

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Kamene Fm Radio Presenter and Pastor to African Independence Pentecostal Church, Rev. Ben Kamau also known as Muthee Kiengei, has today received one of his congregant who hails from Gatundu area. The mother had brought her child who initially traveled to India to seek medical assistance following his heart condition.

Pastor Ben on his Facebook page posted saying, "Yes Our God did it,It was Jubilation in our Church today as we received Baby Muiruri and his mother. Baby Muiruri is a heart Surgery Over Comer from Gatundu south Murram. He was treated in india which costed over 2.1 million....May God bless Kiengei Live Fans and Kameme TV."

It was through his help that the boy was saved. However, they made it to church to thank their God for all the marvelous work done onto their lives.

Netizens were moved by this act of kindness from the renowned preacher.

Alex said, "Glory to God for healing and provision,may God bless you pastor Ben for taking the initiative to source money. May God bless all who took part in one way or the other, may baby Muiruri live long to testify the Lord's doings."

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