Jubilee Allegedly To Lose All Seats In Bonchari Juja And Rurii By Election


Jubilee Party has reported to loss all the 3 by-elections.

Tables have turned around as ODM cadidate Oimeke Robert Pavel has held lead on Bonchari by-elections with 1052 votes followed closely by JUBILEE candidate Opore Zebedeo John and UDA candidate Oroo Teresa Bitutu respectively.

Residents of Juja and Bonchari constituencies as well as Rurii Ward voted on Tuesday, 18th May, for new representatives, following the deaths of the leaders they elected in 2017.

What was common in the three by-elections was an orgy of chaos, police arrests and voter bribery.

It's only a fool who'd go by your reasoning. Personally, I know Jubilee is the biggest stumbling block on the justice for Kenyans, the whole Jubilee, from UhuRuto to their minions, and currently, baba and his cows and finally, the famous cerelac boy.

What Hon Moses kuria has done to people of Juja is markable compared to William kabogo and president Uhuru kenyatta. Dp Ruto is Politician to watch from now towards future politics. UDA may lose in Bonchari, but Juja and Rurii is UDA candidates

Congratulations UDAKenya on your deserved gallant win Rúrií MCA seat in Nyandarua. They may deny but fact is Jubilee

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