Ladies, Here Are 4 Ways Of Getting Rid Of Sanitary Pad Rashes

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One of the uncomfortable things some women deal with is sanitary pad rashes. This usually arises when the vulva comes in contact with something capable of causing irritation in the pad and as such, end up causing contact dermatitis. When contact dermatitis develop in the vulva it is referred to as vulvitis and it is the reason why rashes might appear on the private organ of a woman.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the ways of getting rid of sanitary pad rashes. If as a woman, there are rashes on your vaginal area after wearing your pad, then taking these steps might help get rid of the rashes. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What Are The Ways Of Getting Rid Of Sanitary Pad Rashes?

1. Wear Loose clotting preferrably cotton material underwear to reduce friction. When friction is reduced, it can help fasten the disappearance of the sanitary pad rash.

2. Apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to the outer vulva area if it's affected. It is important for you to note that there is need to be careful at this point, so you don't mistakenly insert the cream into your vagina as that can be harmful.

3. Change Pad Regularly as that is one of the factors that can help reduce irritation. Reason being that when the pad stays too long, it can become moist and therefore be a breeding ground for bacteria and infections that can end up causing rashes to appear.

4. Use a Sitz Bath to relieve irritated areas. You can purchase a sitz bath from any chemist or drug store, all you have to do is fill the bath with warm water and sit on it for 5-10 minutes to help relieve yourself of the irritation and rashes.

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Source: Healthline

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