What Killer Cop Told Night Guards Creating Suspicion on Night He Killed Wife, Four Others

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Imbatu has been described by colleagues, close friends and neighbours as a quiet man whose mind you could read. The 53-year-old opened fire on seven people - killing five and seriously injuring two others.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to a local media, nightguards manning J Heights Apartments in Kangemi said even though he was a quiet person, he was always full of anger. On the fateful day, he threatened the nightguards that he would shoot them if a parking space wasn't created for him.

“The night guards told him that the parking slots were fully occupied. He got angry, and told the guards: ‘Create space for me inside, or else I shoot you dead’. It took a lot of convincing to make him park the car outside the compound,” said the landlord of the apartment.

It was then that the nightguards heard gunshot sounds emanating from one of the houses in the apartment. Upon rushing to the scene, they found Imbatu's house on fire while his girlfriend's body lying on a pool of blood.

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