Opinion: Why Boko Haram Terrorists Will Be Very Happy For School Closure In Zamfara State


Before we start we making mistakes in falling to our enemy trap in Nigeria, I think our leaders have to go back to the drawing board and read what was written on there on the script.

Nigeria is currently facing a serious hard time in so many angles, most especially about the increasing insecurity issues within the country.

Though, the south have less security challenges to compare what is happening in the North. In there are issues of Boko Haram terrorists, Banditry, herdsmen etc.

As thing were getting worse everyday, our government should try as much possible best to understand what was the terrorists basic plan as was written on their script, before their attacks hits up across the whole country.

The government should be aware of their plan and try as much as possible to have some steps ahead of them (terrorists) before taking any decision in the country

As it was inscripted in the book, that the Boko Haram mission was to end western Education in the country and government need to pay good attention to this current dispensation of Students kidnapper.

Boko Haram might have divided into different groups to carry out their mission in the country and as their war against western education.

As of recent, it was reported that the Zamfara state government shut down schools after many students in the state was kidnapped

Governor closing schools in Zamfara state is giving the Boko Haram terrorists an edge to affirmatively understand that they are gradually achieving their mission to end western education in Nigeria. They will be very much happy to have disrupted the educational system in the state. This will give them the energy and opportunity to proceed further to other states in Nigeria to do the same.

The Nigeria Federal government should provide heavy security personnels across the country to fight hard against terrorists which is likely take many parts in Nigeria, even overpowering soldiers.

Their basic mission is to stop western education and to put the less privileged Nigerians in darkness. Which I believe will never happen to human race if proper care is taken. But if federal government allow them to penetrate to other states in Nigeria, that means we're doomed to fall into the enemies plan to destabilize the country.

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