Sika duro and Ashawo is the source of wealth for many people, Bishop Ajagurajah reveals

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Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, nicknamed Prophet Ajagurjah, the founder and head of the Ajagurajah Movement, has responded to the growing issue of celebrities and regular Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok users flaunting their substantial online possessions.

Rich people are increasingly using their prosperity on the internet to suffocate the less fortunate by frequently advertising their possessions online.

Bishop Ajagurajah, a spiritual commando, claims that the majority of our celebs and stars are deeply involved in sika duro, and the ladies are also heavily involved in the ashawo industry, but they lie to their followers about how hard they worked to accumulate their wealth.

Speaking in a self-produced video that has since gone viral online, our stars and celebrities should give us a break from the platitudes about "hard work" because Ghanaians are sick of the hollow claims.

He continued by putting the onus on them to demonstrate their alleged labors of labor, saying, "We know the hard workers in this country can't even afford a decent breakfast, let alone automobiles and houses."

Bishop Ajagurjah, who seems to be better knowledgeable about the shady operations of some of our "wealthy people," claimed that some of them even go to Senegal and Benin to strengthen their souls.The women also use "command charms" to control the wealthy men they date and demand that they construct homes and purchase automobiles for them.

In a world where the poor are also mocked and ridiculed, people will do anything to get to the top of the ladder to escape humiliation. We can’t blame them much though because poverty is like being punished for a crime you didn’t commit.

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