Fuel Efficient And Easy To Maintain Cars In Kenya


The are many factors to consider when buying a vehicle. Some of these factors are; fuel consumption, efficiency and the performance of the car. The most important thing is to buy a car that is easy to maintain, reliable and its service parts are readily available on the Kenyan markets. Here are examples of cars you can go for:

1. Toyota corolla

This car has a long standing on the Kenyan market. Most motorist like the car because of its elegance and minimal fuel consumption. The engine capacity is 1500cc.Its rival brands are the Toyota premio and Toyota pro box because of their durability or compactness.

2. Honda fit

This is a highly esteemed car, it is loved by both motorists and car racers. The car is cheap and easily affordable by anyone in Kenya. The service parts are readily available at the market. The engine capacity of the car is 1300cc petrol, and it is a 2 wheel drive car.

3. Toyota vitz

This car is produced in large quantity by the Toyota group. The car is much loved by youths in Kenya because of easy maintenance. The service parts are much available on the Kenyan market at an affordable price. The engine capacity of the car is 1000cc to 1300cc of which you are assured of driving from Kisumu to Nairobi and its out-skirts with fuel worthy ksh 3000 Kenyan shillings. This car is also a two wheel drive vehicle.

4. Toyota fielder

This is a five seats car and large enough to carry the whole family. Business men and women are encouraged to buy it because of its durability performance and easy maintenance. It is best for long distances like taking your family for an outing or a trip. The engine capacity is 1500cc.some models of Toyota fielder are 2 wheel drive while others are 4 wheel drive.

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