Somizi shares that you to have money to look like this, Fans Say No to the new look.

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Somizi mhlongo never cease to amaze the sensational entertainer got all right this time by installing some straight back on his hair, he was on set and he decided to have braided hair on his head. Somizi is not one to give up without trying he always proves that the impossible can be possible with only money, he looked stunning and nothing like himself with hair.

There has been a video of himself trending on Instagram as he was talking on the video that whatever that he got on his head was only possible because of money. He had a bald head with no hair so to braid his head was definitely going to be a hard process so in order for that to be possible a lot of money had to be spent . Inorder for somizi to have hair on his head.

Here is the picture of his new style as screenshots from the video he was making here are the pictures. They are from instagram

Here is a picture of the squad that helped him to achieve the look that he got.

After the pictures and video trending on Instagram fans were not really impressed they were mostly making fun of his styles.

They say on the comments that the style is too much.

Here are the comment’s from instagram after the video was posted on twitter, here are the view’s and opinions of his fans.

Source: twitter social media platform

The link of the post from twitter:

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