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As a young man, there are some things you should have in your fashion collection without been forced to acquire them. Examples of these things include a well-styled native outfit, corporate wear, sunshade, writwatch, necklace and so many more. Before I proceed with this writeup, let me ask you a question: Are you a lover of shoes? If your answer is positive, I believe that you will love the shoes I have gathered in this article as long as they look good on you. Beneath are those shoes.

1. Leather spaced sandals

Gone are the days when we see some wears as old-school. You can recreate this memory in a nice way by rocking them differently. As a young man, you can rock this leather shoes with your jean trouser and even with corporate wear sometimes.

2. Crocs

Crocs has gained the attention of so many people since it came into inception. You can wear this on any casual wear of your choice as long as you doesn't look weird in it.

3. Palm

Palm is peculiar to older men. However, it's a shoe type that young men can rock to look handsome and attractive.

4. Corporate shoe

You don't need to be a choir master before you think of acquiring a good corporate shoe pairs. Corporate shoes can be rocked to your working place, church, and even casual outings with friends.

5. Sneaker

Sneaker is presently gaining popularity not only amongst sport men but amongst Nigerians of different cultural background, religion, age etc. Sneaker can be worn on tracksuit or jean trouser. The choice is yours to decide.

6. Chelsea shoes

These are the few shoe designs that I think men should try out for any occasion. Before you exit this page, don't forget to drop a comment stating which of these designs you love most.

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