Enyobeni tavern, A tavern that took lives of 21 children, government is planning to do this on it

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Few days ago, the internet, news channel and others have been buzzing after news that there is tavern in Eastern Cape province, that took lives of twenty one children.

Enyobeni tavern is the name of that tavern that gained popularity by just few days unfortunately it was following the incident of passing away of 21 innocent souls.

Residents in that area have been calling on government to close down that tavern because they believe that it doesn't follow regulations.

The double-storey Enyobeni tavern in Scenery Park in East London, where 21 youngsters mysteriously died, could be bulldozed because it may have been illegally built. This is what now municipality in East London is planning, and unfortunately now it is happening after some lost their lives.

Police in the Republic of South Africa are still busy in the area investigating what could be the cause of such killing.

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