JayJay Okocha Must Be A Happy Man Seeing How Beautiful His Daughter is. See Photos


Nigeria has produced great men and women who have served this country with their strength and might. Today, we are going to be talking about a man who has represented Nigeria and also made the country proud. The name of that man is Austin JayJay Okocha.

Okocha was a joy to most Nigerian football fans. Okocha was known basically for his excellent football skills, football tricks, stamina, ball control and a lot of fantastic attributes. He played for some top clubs across Europe during his active days in football. 

The former super eagles star player has a daughter who is an epitome of beauty. She is endowed with a good shape and facial beauty. The name of his daughter is Daniella Okocha. She is the first child of the former super eagles star.

Daniella Okocha was born on the 25th of June. She is indeed a beauty queen. JayJay Okocha must be a happy man seeing how beautiful his daughter has turned out to be. See beautiful photos of Daniella below.

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