Faith Nketsi is leaving her best life with on Instagram

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Faith Nketsi is a South African famous influencer, Model and entrepreneur. People love her so much because of her beautiful body and her clear skin. Well as a model it is always to keep your body in shape and your skin beautiful. Faith Nketsi have lot of fans on all social media platforms becouse she keep them having a good company. Well faith was born on the 30 of December 1994, which makes her to be 26 years old this year. Her fame started at a young age and you can think where she will be infuture. Well faith is also called the queen of tweak because she does it all on her night clubs.

Well faith has dated few of the famous people like Thami Yabo who was a CEO at that time. Their relationship didn't end well for them so that is the reason she is hiding her current relationship. She just want to keep her life private becouse she doesn't want people to count her boyfriends. Well that is a good thing because she will have a peaceful relationship. People love to judge most of the celebrities becouse of their relationship which is not good. So faith kept her relationship private this years but she did confess that she have a Zulu boyfriend.

Well people usually want to know what Faith Ketsi is actually doing with her life. She is a rapper even though her music industry didn't work well with her. We all know that if you have a good body and lot of fans, it is easy fo your music to trand. Faith created a song but it's didn't get a positive reply from the fans. They loved her but they thought she was not good as a rapper. She thought of coming back this year to music but fans told her not too. She is also a business women who make money by being an influencer. And that career has generated lot of uncome for her which is a good thing.

Well people have been asking questions about the relationship that Faith and kim shate together. Well their relationship changed a bit after kim got a child which was not good. Faith is a person who travel alot even at night as an influencer. Lot of company owner invite her on their clubs and she earn money by doing that. When Kim got a child their relationship changed because they couldn't go out together. Kim felt so lonely as if faith no longer loves her but that was not true. There are still friends even faith did say that, there are even almost like sisters.

Well faith is an influencer so you must know that she had lot of followers. At the age of 26 faith already have 2.2 million followers on Instagram. She has also have a Twitter account with 39.2 followers. Well faith is too much on Instagram that is the reason she have lot of followers. People love her and she always gives the good content to her. 

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