Is It Wrong To Drink Alcohol? Each Christian must be aware of the biblical truths about alcohol

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During the first occasion in the Bible, Noah begins to drink alcohol and become inebriated in Genesis 9:20-26. He establishes a vine and begins to consume wine. After his child Ham got naked since he intoxicated and didn't cover up, Noah chastised him.

Noah condemned his son in the end when he consumed too much.

For a long period of time, many of the most divisive issues has been whether Christians can consume alcohol. There's a valid explanation behind this. People of faith dispute about whether or not it seems to be against God's will to drink alcohol. Some Christians feel that the Scripture does not prohibit Christians from drinking alcohol. And then there's the wine that makes people feel good.

Psalm 104:15 mentions wine that makes these people glad.

Why is it wrong if God provides us a gift to improve our lives more enjoyable? People who drink freshwater are harmful for their bellies, but those who consume a small amount of wine are excellent for their stomachs.

Wine is a beverage that is excellent for you, according to this scripture.

The Bible only forbids drinking alcohol if it is consumed in excess.

It should be against the rules to consume so much alcohol that it jeopardizes the safety of others. Drinking alcohol, as shown in the Bible, can lead to a variety of health issues. Bible: Excessive drinking can lead to major health and financial difficulties.


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