Finally || Thuli Madonsela reveals why National key point was on Fire.

News Hub Creator year of 2022 it seems like is going to be a difficult year like 2019 when we have Covid-19 cases. For us to predict that 2022 is going to be a difficult year is because first day of January 2022 when we enter the year Parliamentary burned down then secondly the following day another Government building in Pretoria taken down as well. All of this is because of bad luck in South African country. Yesterday day night another national key point building was on fire too. Our investigators still investigating who is behind those fires, the suspect will be caught and sentenced to prison for life sentence. But Yesterday Thuli Madonsela on her Social Media Twitter account she said behind those fires that burn Government buildings is someone or some other group of people trying to destroy South African democracy. But the person will be caught, whatever happens in the dark it will always comes out in the light.And again whoever is behind those buildings fires, we suspect that is one of ANC enemies or maybe one of President Cyril Ramaphosa haters. Ask yourselves questions like why back then when former President Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela leading South African country no one was burning Government building, no one was trying so hard to take ANC down. It clearly shows that the person or people behind those fires are Ramaphosa’s and ANC enemies. And it clearly shows that they wanna see Cyril Ramaphosa stepped down as a President.

Since Cyril Ramaphosa became President of South Africa, bad things were happening left and right under his Presidency. And it is totally wrong, South African nation must leave Cyril Ramaphosa to enjoy his Presidency like other former Presidents. We recommend Cyril Ramaphosa as a good leader of the South African country. He deserve more second chance to lead South African country.

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