Couple robbed and shot in daylight robbery at Takoradi


A man and his wife are reported to have been shot by robbers in Takoradi in a daylight robbery in the full glare of traders.

Adomfmonline reported on Monday, 12th April, 2021 that the victims were beleived to have been stalked by the robbers after they supposedly went to withdraw some money from the bank.

the miscreants who are beleived to be four in number and riding motorcycles, followed the victims after they exited the bank in their white Sonata. It was revealed by eyewitness that upon reaching Amanful East, a suburb of Takoradi, the victims sensed danger and parked their car in the middle of the road, but that did not deter the robbers who rushed on the couple and demanded for the money, shot each of them in the tigh and speed of with the money.

Eyewitness standing by rushed to the vehicle of the victims after the robbers rode off to assist them. They were further rushed to the Effiakwanta Hospital where they are currently receiving treatment.

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