SANDF official Caught with alcohol on the N3

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We've already heard multiple reports of people being caught with alcohol. I've even heard of some police caught selling alcohol. But it's shocking to see a member of the national defence disobey the law too.

Today, there were several roadblocks around Gauteng. Police were searching cars and bags on every passenger on taxis. As people are moving from one Province to another, the law is making sure that no alcohol is transported. There were also Covid-19 screenings.

A number of people were caught with alcohol, but it came as a surprise to even the police officers when they found alcohol in the boot of a SANDF official.

He was driving a vehicle with blue lights and was wearing his full uniform. It is believed that he didn't expect to be searched because of his position. But Gauteng MEC Nomantu Nkomo Ralehoko was on the roadblock which forced the officers to be unforgiving. The MEC witnessed this incident too.

We can only wonder how the law will handle this case.

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