Why you should start blogging


1. It strengthens your writing skills: Having a blog will make you take your writing more seriously. You could continuously consider how to update your site with new content. You'd always consider how to communicate your story and lifestyle to others.

If you want to improve your writing skills, you should simply write more. Blogging is that avenue for you to work on your writing and telling better stories.

2. Your blog leads to features on other sites: When you want to pitch to other sites, they first want to know what your work is like. That is why it is good for you to build a writing portfolio. Your blog is essentially your writing portfolio.

3. Blogging helps you to build your brand: Your brand composes of who you are and what you are known for. Through blogging, you are helping to build your brand.

Through blogging, you are helping others to understand what you stand for.

4. Your blog connects you to like minds: It is always great to connect with others who are in the same niche as you. That way, you build, learn, and grow from one another as bloggers and creatives.

It is also more fun to be able to blog and connect with a community rather than writing and sharing in isolation.

5. A blog leads to employment opportunities: Having a blog is a benefit to your CV. If you are looking for employment opportunities in media and communications, you should start a job.

6. Blogging helps you to make money for yourself:

Through having a blog, it is an avenue to make money for yourself.

Often, based on your niche, you can get paid if others want you to share an article on a particular topic or product.

To make money blogging, consider Ads, affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

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