“Someone leaked a Photo from Heaven?”- SA’ns reacts after spotting 2 lost legends lookalike in Party

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It appears that since 2021, there’s a dark cloud ahead of the South African entertainment industry as the angel of death has been collecting our top entertainers since last year. 

In 2021 we lost the likes of Killer Kau and Mpura, and Shona Ferguson and Luzuko Nteleko. However in 2022 it’s sad because we have already lost 6 people in a space of 2 months, Dj Dimplez ,Khuli Roberts, Dj Citi lyts, Patrick Shai, Siyanda Sesimani and Riky Rick.

Now, it appears that the angel of death is not just taking our love , but it’s also replacing them with their doppelgänger who just don’t have the same talents as them and yesterday we were introduced to Killer Kau and Mshoza’s doppelgängers.

Yesterday the twitter COO , Daniel Marveyn shared a picture of a full packed local gig and he said even if they say people look alike , that’s killer Kau with a lime green top. 

After spotting Killer Kau, look alike people went to engage saying it’s him and the way he’s low-key on that party it’s more like he doesn’t want to get spotted and someone went to ask if anyone leaked a heaven gig photo dump because the guy really is Killer Kau.

Seeing a killer Kau replica was so sad because he was wearing his drip the Riky Rick , Cotton Fest way and it hurt Mzansi so badly in the comment section. However things got so emotional after a Doppelgänger of Mshoza, wearing a T-shirt with a blonde hairpeace.

“Did someone leaked pictures of a hot gig in heaven cuz that’s Mr tholukuthi guys 😭💔😢 plus Mshoza with the blonde hair peace 😭💔😭, a user reacted.

This picture just reminded people of Riky’s words saying that we don’t die but we multiply. 

See how people reacted to this tweet below:


There’s nothing more touching than being reminded of your idols, this picture iso so emotional and iconic at the same time, only if we knew the location of the gig we would have went there to do some investigation and find out who were those 2 since there are conspiracies that killer and Mpura didn’t die.

What’s your view about this matter? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: https://twitter.com/danielmarven/status/1502717734995513346?s=21


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