Hawa Koomson reacts to the cape coast harbour saga and sends a message to Ghanaians

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Hawa Koomson has reminded Nana Addo of the promises he made to this country. This happened few hours after the president apologized to the entire country for making a promise he didn’t intend to make to the people of cape coast.

Hawa Koomson said that the pressure on the government is too much and sometimes the ordinary citizens of this country should know that they form part of the entire government body.

Hawa Koomson reminded not only Nana Addo but Ghanaians on the projects that Nana Addo has seen to it that they are available and evident.

Nana Addo made lots of promises not to the entire country alone but to some special groups of people. Teachers and nurses as well as other workers in the public sectors were promised many things.

But these things have not been made available to them. Allowances have delayed and some remains unpaid and this breaks the hearts of the citizens who feel they have been lied to.

After Nana Addo responded to the people of cape coast that he made a mistake in the promise of a harbour, Hawa Koomson has quickly jumped to his rescue.

The president has never gone down on his promises and we believe he will fulfill them. We will continue to remind him together and support him from time to time until the various needs of this country are met, Hawa Koomson said.

She revealed that Nana Addo has the interest of Ghanaians at heart and she knows he will do anything possible to make sure it works.

Nana Addo on the other hand has been chastised for this comment and we hope he fulfills his other promises to make sure the Npp stays in power when he is no more in the position to run.

From what we are seeing, the Npp need to start pushing the president in every possible way to deliver to the country in order to continue to stay in business.

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