Me laughing at my own joke before even tell it

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Barber:"what you want?"

Him: "just make sure I can see the haters coming"

Barber:"got ya fam"

Do you ever stare at anincoming call as your phone rings,waiting for it to hang up so you can continue using your phone? If yes you are evil with passionsmoke





The Deadlist Virus in History

Only 90's kids can relate

Their bank

Their debit card

Dear married men,the lady you think is better than your wife is just good because she's not living with you.

Doctor: How are you?

Me: Im fine

Doctor: Next patient please

Titus Sardines started with 4 fishes

It reduce to 3

Now It is 2,

In years to come, you will open sardines and see"Try it again later"Love is wicked

Second hand ring for sale call 0786083662

I mistakenly opened my Instagram and quickly closed it..Then MTN sent a message

Dear customer Na God save youWhen you don't trust your neighnorMe laughing at my own joke before even tell it

Don't call yourself my ex if you've never met my family. You're just somebody who used to finish my airtime and data

When you walk with a slim girl,even dogs threaten"woo woo woo" where are you going with this bone.

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