All Set For Ruto's Manifesto Launch As KKA Leaders Receive Crucial Information on Sessions

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William Ruto is set to launch his manifesto today.Ruto has been promising Kenyans that the cost of living will go down in Kenya Kwanza team takes the mantle.At the moment,the cost of living is skyrocketing with no hope of scaling down soon.President Kenyatta has received a lot of criticisms for the high cost of living.Instead,he has been praised for the infrastructural developments that he is leaving behind.

As Ruto launches his manifesto,it is not yet clear the categories of people who will attend the manifesto launch apart from the Kenya Kwanza leaders.In Raila's Manifesto,he talked of raft of issues he will address in the first 100 days.Hopefully,Ruto too will tell Kenyans his plan in the first 100 days.Unfortunately,most of these things are not done as promised by politicians.

All eyes are on Ruto if in case Kenyans will no longer need cash to buy phone credit cards after what he said yesterday.As he plans to launch the manifesto this evening,all the Kenya Kwanza leaders have been urged to organize viewing sessions of the manifesto launch in various places.This is revealed by Star in the last paragraph below:

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