8 Lies Men Tell Women They Want To Be With.

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Men lie, women lie. Even kids are quite good at the game, too.

It’s something about the human nature… a way of getting out of a difficult situation, it's about deceiving people into believing or doing something we want them to do.

For men, the lies told are quite unlimited. In their relationships with wives and girlfriends, 10 lies seem to be so widespread that some now believe that 18 out every 20 men are guilty of these lies.

1. Men lie about their intentions.

Even when men pretend sex is not on their minds, it is.

When a man first becomes acquainted with a woman of interest, the thing on his mind is exchanging orgasms with that woman at some point in the near or distant future. Your other desirable qualities and non-sexual attributes do not come into play until later.

2. I Love You.

The reason for this is usually to a woman to get into a relationship with them and to make her comfortable enough to have sex with them.

3. I Don’t Understand What I’ve Done Wrong.

They know exactly what they’ve done wrong! Cheating is a betrayal while in a committed relationship and they know this. This is a complete and utter lie.

Cheaters who say that are trying to turn the tables on you, and make it more about your reaction to them cheating than the actual problem at hand.

4. I’ll never do it again!

Of course, he will. Once a cheater, always a cheater. But it’s really up to you whether you’ll be willing to tolerate his constant infidelity. If he was willing to cheat on you once, what makes you think he won’t be willing to do it again? Even if he believes that he won’t be willing to cheat on you again, he would be lying to himself too

5. I am Single

This is a very classic one. Men seem to lie about their relationship/marital status all the time, and if you ask 10 women, about 7 of them will tell you they have been told this lie at least once.

Ultimately, men lie because they believe it is a way to protect women (and themselves).

6. I am Not Trying To Get In Your Pants

Anytime a man says, "I am not necessarily trying to get in your pants," he is trying to get in your pants.

If a man "just wants to talk," he will invite you to have coffee with him in the morning or lunch in the afternoon. But if a man wants you to allow him to come over to your place late on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, it's far more likely that he is going to make a move on you sexually.

7. ​Income

Most of us have met that guy who might be a miser but leaves no stone unturned to brag about his lavish lifestyle and high-paying job, right? In fact, according to a survey published in SAGE journals, 87 per cent of the online male daters lie about their salary to impress their crush.

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