Hidden facts you didn't know about Ghana


Ghana is a country that spans a land mass of 238,535 square kilometers and sits on the Atlantic ocean, precisely on the Gulf of Guinea.

It has as its neighbours Togo on the east, Burkina Faso on the north, Cote d'Ivoir on the west and it's southern bother is the ocean.

Ghana is one one country which is bless with almost all natural resources. Which we have many to mention as Gold, timber, bauxite,mangenese, oil, ocean, iron ore, and many other to mention.

Ghana currently has a population of about thirty million people according to 2010 population census.

Ghana has over 80 languages which belongs to various Ethnic groups.

Ghana is a peaceful country which has three main different religion namely the Christian, Islamic and Traditional who all live in harmony.

Ghana was the first country to ever gain independence in Africa and stands to be one of the strongest Africa countries.

The Ashanti kingdom in Ghana was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the ancient times the fought and conquered most kingdoms in Africa.

Ghana is one country considered stable and it's relative economic prosperity has attracted many from neighbouring African countries to come and seek greener pastures on it's soil

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